Boynton's Economix

Boynton’s Economix is a specialist rubber/fibre mix designed spefically for customers who require quality equestrian surfaces or sports surfaces on a tight budget. Economix sizes are up to approximately 18-20 mm which is of similar size to most competitors products.

Boynton’s Economix has been manufactured under exclusive licence to UK Patent No. GB2142960B.

A 20m x 40m arena requires approx 18 tons of Economix
A 20m x 60m arena requires approx 28 tons of Economix

Rubber Fibre Blend

We produce a number of Fibre Blend combinations designed to enhance and knit togetherboth New and Existing riding surfaces and provide excellent sand stabilisation.

Guaranteed to be made from wire free materials not steel wire radial tyres.

Rubber Fibre Blend comes in varuious chip sizes the most popular being 18mm but often a bespoke product can be made to suit the required application.

Rubber Fibre Blend has been manufactured under exclusive licence to UK Patent No. GB2142960B and comes with a 10 year warranty on material breakdown to give peace of mind because of the long lasting superior quality.

A 20m x 40m arena requires approx 18 tons of Fibre Blend
A 20m x 60m arena requires approx 28 tons of Fibre Blend

Boynton's Premiermix

Boynton’s Premiermix is a premium quality specialist rubber/fibre mix for customers who require super-safe equestrian surfaces or sports surfaces. Boynton’s Premiermix is ONLY made from wire free canvas constructed tyres. Most competitor products are made from steel radial constructed tyres, so there is always the chance of wire contamination.

Boynton’s Premiermix is GUARANTEED to be made from fabric tyres NOT steel radial tyres.

Boynton’s Premiermix chip sizes are up to approximately 28 mm, giving superior draining properties compared to smaller chip sizes. The large chip size means that there is less compacting in use and in laying. Premiermix can cover 10-15% more surface area than smaller chips.

Boynton’s Premiermix has been manufactured for over 15 years under exclusive licence to UK Patent No. GB2142960B and comes with a 5 year warranty on material breakdown to give peace of mind on quality.

A 20m x 40m arena requires approx 20 tons of Premiermix
A 20m x 60m arena requires approx 30 tons of Premiermix

Rider Comments

Hannah Esbergh-Shepard - International Dressage Rider

"I have chosen a Boyntons rubber top dressing because of the added spring that I wanted for my dressage horses. I live close to Boyntons so knew about their superior products before most people.
I can not recommend their products highly enough - I just LOVE my arena."

Diana Grant International Event Rider

"John Bowen trains many people on my arena and we all love it. It rides well in dry summers and does not get too deep. In fact there are at least 5 people who have ridden on my arena who have also bought Boyntons, I am thrilled more people are now going to get to find out about this superior rubber surface."

Alex Gingell - Dressage Judge

"I trained on Diana Grant's arena and without hesitation chose the same surface for my arena that I have just built at home for my family to ride on."

Josie Bennett, Hope Valley, Derbyshire

Thank you to John and his team for sorting out our arena’s rubber surface!

I have just completed the extension and renewal of my arena – it is now 60mx25m with a rubber surface from Boynton Brothers that looks great and rides as well as it looks! We are using it for dressage, including my daughter’s horse who is competing at advanced medium, as well as jumping and general schooling. It rides really well for all the horses.

It was not straightforward and I learned the hard way about the difference between various types of recycled rubber. I struggled to find a company that would provide decent sized chunks of rubber - I had used this 10 years ago and wanted to have the same again. Having thought I had found a suitable supplier we laid rubber from recycled car tyres – this was so poor, with lots of crumb, rubber fines and wire, that we had to take it up as soon as it was put down. Luckily we were then recommended Boynton’s who were responsive, prompt and very helpful! We have laid their Premiermix which is made from tractor tyres and heavy plant tyres, and it is 100% better!. I strongly recommend anyone thinking about a rubber arena surface to look carefully at good sized samples and understand the difference between the product made form car tyres and the Boynton’s rubber. The car tyres may appear to be a cheaper – but this is a false economy as I found it did not cover as much surface area per tonne as the larger chips and it is a totally inferior product.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Boynton’s and their Premiermix!

John Bowen - Event Trainer

"I have trained Diana Grant and many others on a Boyntons surface. I can honestly say that out of the hundreds of arenas I train on each year that this surface performs all year round."




Chip Size

Improved Surface Covering

New Rubber



Material Breakdown Warranty


18 mm


28 mm



5 Years

Fibre Blend

18 mm



5 Years

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