Childrens Play

High Impact rubber can be supplied in colours to suit bespoke designs or single colours. The improved child safety from low maintenance highly durable rubber is now a common sight across the UK.

Princes park - Liverpool

Princes Park, Liverpool and (right) Woolton Liverpool using black EPDM

Supply of SBR and EPDM granules to Wychwood Play Services Limited who install the following surfaces and products

  • Safety surfaces for childrens play areas
  • Kickabout areas
  • Safety surface repair kits
  • Tree wells
  • Buggypath for golf walkways and paths

01782 416623 / 07885778091

Woolton - Liverpool

SAFE, soft for children's play

Safetyplay uses factory treated rubber/EPDM granules that creates a strong binder/rubber bond without the release of CO2. Moreover curing times can be reduced to typically 2 hours, thus eliminating the need for expensive overnight security.

The Safetyplay system is designed to be mixed with conventional open drum cement mixers whereas conventional systems require specialist paddle/ribbon mixers. This means that a Safetyplay trained installer can hire mixers from any of the numerous nation-wide plant hire firms.

Safetyplay safety surfaces fully comply with BS EN 1177 and BS 7188.

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